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About Sae-A STX Entech

Sae-A STX Entech changes and challenges for customer satisfaction and social development

Our Business

Sae-A STX Entech aims for a leading global EPC company based on our excellent plant construction technologies.

Process Plant
Sae-A STX Entech has been improving its EPC capability for process plants based on rich project experience in oil and gas plants, oil refineries and petrochemical plants in the Middle East and North Africa ordered by international oil companies.
Power Plant
Sae-A STX Entech provides EPC and O&M services for power plants including coal-fired power plants, gas turbine power plants, diesel power plants, and renewable energy power plants aiming for optimized EPC and O&M services with the best quality. Furthermore, we are strengthening our ability as an independent power producer (IPP) to meet power demand growing rapidly in developing countries.
Industrial Plant
Sae-A STX Entech solidified its business base in the industrial plant field by successfully completing industrial plant EPC projects for steel mills and cement plants focusing on Middle East and African markets.
Environmental Plant
Based on its experience implementing a variety of environmental plant projects including desulfurization systems (Wet Limestone FGD System, Semi-dry FGD System, Seawater FGD System), denitrification systems, electrostatic precipitation systems, as well as air, water and soil contamination prevention systems etc., Sae-A STX Entech provides high-quality and optimized EPC services according to the trend of the diversifying environmental plant market.
Sae-A STX Entech is participating in construction projects for social infrastructure including roads, railroads, water resources, harbors, industrial and housing complexes, real estate development, etc., as well as civil construction projects that utilize private capital, official development assistance funds, etc., and actively developing markets in regions with great potential including South-East Asia, Central America, Africa, etc.